In the Studio with Cynthia St. Charles

Cynthia St. Charles

Cynthia St. Charles is known for her art quilts that exemplify her love of nature and her beautiful work with surface design techniques such as pole wrapped shibori, rust dyed, and discharged pieces.  She has been published several times in Quilting Arts magazine, including the latest cover.  Her blog, Living and Dyeing Under the Big Sky,is updated daily with her latest art and adventures.

1.  How do you find/make time to be in your studio?  
Since my studio is on the lower level (walk out basement) of my home, it is easy to start my day there with my first cup of tea.

2.  Describe your studio in five words.  

Spacious, salvaged, whirlwind, colorful, productive.

3. What is the best/worst space you have ever had as a studio?
When I first began art quilting, I had a small table (2 x 4′) for my sewing machine in the laundry room squeezed between the door and the washer.  There was a 4′ square design wall above the sewing machine.  I did my dyeing on the floor between the dryer and the kitty litter box.  That was the worst.

My current studio is the best workspace I have ever had.  I have a wet studio with a dedicated washer and sink.  My regular studio is very spacious and although it is furnished with salvaged retail store displays for storage and work surfaces, it is extremely efficient.

5.  What would make a “dream studio” for you?
My current studio would be a “dream studio” if only I could make it more private.  There is no door separating it from the rest of the house (and no easy way to install one in the arched entryway).  The only lower level doorway to the outside is in my studio, so it gets a lot of traffic, which I resent.

6.  Any exhibits or special projects we should know about?

My work is on the cover of the December 2011 / January 2012 Issue of Quilting Arts.

I am curating the first ever group show for the Montana-Idaho region of SAQA.  The show, called Broad Spectrum, opens at the Rynkier-Morrison Gallery on the campus of Rocky Mountain College in Billings Montana on February 17, 2012.


Of course, Cynthia’s two Foto/Fiber 2012 Fiber BONUSES will have something to do with chickadees. Cynthia sent this note,”I did my studio pillaging for Foto/Fiber and can now say that each bonus will include not only one of the special postcard series, but also a hand carved printing block, monoprinted fabric, block printed fabric, and some of my hand dyed specialty yarns – all from my hand.  More if I can fit it in the envelope.”  Thanks, Cynthia!  Cynthia will be having more about her Fiber BONUSES on her blog.

Please join us for this fundraiser for the American Cancer Society on February 15 and 16. 100% of the proceeds are donated directly to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause.  Here is the donation page if you want to check it out before February 15.

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    I’m really enjoying your peek into other people’s spaces. Thanks for doing this.


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    Carol, All thanks to to the Foto/Fiber artists who are generously sharing their spaces in support of our American Cancer Society fundraiser. Glad you are enjoying the series. V.

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    Hi Virginia
    Thank you so much for this wonderful series that offers insight into so many artist’s studio spaces.

    Hi Cynthia! Congratulations on your recent cover! I enjoyed reading this blog to learn more about your creative space and process. All the best.. chd