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Pamela Allen

I have always appreciated Pamela Allen’s artwork for its sensibility and its sense. Pamela is an award-winning Canadian artist well-known for her dynamic art quilts full of color and meaning. She was a nominee for Professional Quilter Teacher of the Year in both 2008 and 2011. She is featured in the book, Masters:  Art Quilts.  Pamela offers both a DVD and workshop entitled Think Like An Artist. Pamela’s Fiber BONUSES for Foto/Fiber 2012, opening February 15, will be completed works of art.

1.  How do you find/make time to be in your studio?
For me studio work is my job so if I don’t go in regularly then my boss would be really mad.

2. Describe your studio in five words.

Comfortable, chaotic, creative,challenging and cheerful.

3. If you could pick only one thing from your studio to represent your art practice, what would it be?
My junk drawer.


4. What is the best/worst space you have ever had as a studio?
The best was a two story loft in an old woolen mill.

5. What would make a “dream studio” for you?
Anywhere that’s air conditioned!

6. What would you advise someone setting up a studio for the first time?

Be happy with almost any private space. Its ALL yours and no one elses.

7. Any new exhibits or projects we should know about?
I offer five five online workshops:  Think Like An ArtistStill Life is Boring – NOT!About Style, Pattern and Color; Figures and Faces; and Four Quilts, One Subject.  


A detail from First Nation, one of Pamela’s three Fiber BONUSES for Foto/Fiber 2012.
On February 15, you will be able to choose a photo and then indicate you would like one of Pamela’s BONUSES.
OF COURSE, 100% of your donation will be made directly to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause.

***Share the news about Foto/Fiber 2012, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and be entered to win a copy of Cate Prato’s, Inside the Creative Studio, a $25 gift certificate from Fiber On A Whim, or a package each of TAP and ExtravOrganza also from Fiber On A Whim.



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    Oh Pamela, thanks for showing us a work space that is immaculate–NOT! Your junk drawer ought to be gigantic! I love living with you a la Matisse work of art, which was yr generous contribution to Virginia’s last fun(d)raiser. Yr online classes may be just the ticket for this time-crunched fan!