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BJ Parady

BJ Parady has lived in the Midwest her entire life and her art reflects her love of the Midwestern landscape. Her artwork has been featured in magazines and was juried into the American Quilter’s Society Show (Paducah), and the International Quilt Festival (Houston), among others. She is a juried member of the Illinois ArtisanProgram as a fiber artist as well as a Professional Artist Member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). When I asked BJ to send a photo of herself, she sent the above photo from Costa Rica with a note, “Me on a zipline–launching out into nothing, like I aspire to do in my art.”

1.  How do you find/make time to be in your studio?
I am very lucky to have a supportive husband–both financially and emotionally. So I pretty much have the ability to schedule any time I need in the studio. The problem of having all this time is, of course, making myself go into the studio. Every weekday morning I make it a point to go down into my studio and work for at least an hour or two. Usually I do this after lunch, too. The household chores and errands are worked in around this. The main issue is making art a priority, and I work on solving that every day.

2.  Describe your studio in five words.

Recycled, Organized, Messy (yes, the two can co-exist–I know what’s in those piles.), Serene, Home

3.  If you could pick only one thing from your studio to represent your art practice, what would it be?

My pile of full journals. They are where I work out design issues, record inspirations for future use, chronicle progress on pieces, and generally write down my thoughts for the day.

5.  What would make a “dream studio” for you?
A large room with lots of northern light, a soft floor, good lighting, storage, and a wet area. Other than that, I’m not that picky–I can make art wherever I am.

6.  What would you advise someone setting up a studio for the first time?

Start small. Make some art, see what you need–what work surfaces, what you need to store. Look around your house and see if there’s anything you can use to start–I have various re-purposed shelves, chests, even a couple of old entertainment centers in my current studio. A studio is a changing thing, don’t commit yourself to permanent solutions too early. Oh, and have lots of outlets.


BJ’s Fiber BONUS (detail shown) for Foto/Fiber 2012 is full of fiber treasures in jewel tones.
Remember you have the opportunity to choose a photo AND your Fiber BONUS
on February 15.  On February 16, you choose your photo, but your Fiber BONUS will
be chosen at random.

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