What’s new in the studio this week

Above is a piece I am working on for the Surface Design Association’s member show. This is about the fourth layer – red hemp string stitched down over the other layers.  Terrible angle for a photo, I know, but I had the end of it under the needle.

This is only a background for more stitching, painting, and screenprinting. The theme for the exhibit is Merge and Flow. I am working with photos from the Boundary Waters printed on organza and fused to other painted fabrics.  My artist statement will be about how the Boundary Waters has merged with my own life in totally unexpected ways.

This is my work table’s “compost pile.”  I am almost done with ten mixed-media collages for a fundraiser to be announced in November which is why I’m not showing more of the work-in-progress here.  Safe to say, though, that they are in the Palimpsest series vein.

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10 2010

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