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As soon as the weather turns cooler, I am fired up to create.  It is as though a switch is flipped and I am ready to go in the studio and work.

I’m working on both mixed-media collages and small art quilts at the same time.  Here is a detail from small art quilt in progress:

As always, I find that after a very textured “run” of artwork, such as Boundary Waters 48, I turn to a more simplified and painterly look.

And here is a collage, part of a series called Survivor, that is done except for mounting on watercolor paper:

I see more and more barns falling down every week, but, of course, it’s also about something more:  Standing firm in the face of adversity. The barn is from a photo, made into a linocut, and then a rubbing was done on rice paper with inked details.

Here is the next set of collages, entitled Red Leaf, in progress:

I’m going to be unveiling all my new artwork during my birthday celebration.  Be sure to mark your calendar for October 13 and 14. There will be bonuses, special offers, and more as my once-a-year thank you for all my art friends and patrons.

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