Special Garbage Day Project Report


Home from the Boundary Waters for a few days. May/June in the Boundary Waters — think wind, rain, cold. We loved it! I had a lot of time to study the intricate patterns and textures of nature including this piece of red pine bark.

I just uploaded a special Garbage Day Project report from the Boundary Waters.

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06 2007

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    Karen – Glad you could visit the show and I am so glad you enjoyed it.

    Yes, Boundary Waters 10 is a big one! It will have to find a very special home.

    The show should be returned to me by mid-July and then it will be posted in a new gallery on my website. I will try to give fair notice to everyone when the Boundary Waters series will be available.

    Take care, Virginia

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    Hi Virginia! Just got back from our Canada trip, and I was able to get Bill to stop in Norfolk to see the Boundary Waters show. WOW! I am doubly unhappy that I was unable to attend the reception, but am so glad I got to see the show hanging. I loved the entire show, but was especially drawn to Boundary Waters #10. Wish I had the space and $$ to add it to my home. Great work!

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    I love the bark of the red pine. It looks something line the landscape of Utah from an airplane, at least as I imagine that would look.