About the Artist


Virginia A. Spiegel exhibits her mixed-media artwork in the U.S. and internationally in museums, art centers, and galleries. Her artwork is held in private and permanent collections and has been published in more than 50 magazines, books, and catalogs.

Spiegel is the founder of Fiberart For A Cause, raising over $250,000 for the American Cancer Society thanks to the generosity of fiber artists and patrons.


Artist Statement
My artwork emulates the power of Nature to make complex forms from simple materials and to recycle materials in meaningful ways.

I most often work with abstract imagery to create lyrical and subtle tributes to specific places incorporating memory and emotion.

I consider my artwork a testament to our human need for wild areas and a call to protect these areas for future generations.  Sigurd Olson wrote: And so when we talk about intangible values remember that they cannot be separated from the others. The conservation of waters, forests, soils, and wildlife are all involved with the conservation of the human spirit. The goal we all strive toward is happiness, contentment, the dignity of the individual, and the good life. This goal will elude us forever if we forget the importance of the intangibles.



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