Coffee Drinker? Art Supplier?


Are you a coffee drinker using an individual serving machine (such as a Keurig)?

Then you have just the art supplies I need for a big mixed-media project.

Panels from the “cup” boxes with writing or interesting graphics would do the job. On the big box on the left, I could use the front and back as well as the top.  Only the front panel is big enough on smaller boxes such as the one on the right of the photo. The brand or type of coffee doesn’t matter at all.

I really appreciate your helping me and I would be happy to reimburse postage or send a sample piece of my handpainted and/or printed fabric as a small thank you.


03 2015

Artwork Selected for “Form, Not Function”


Shagbark7500 Shagbark 7
Virginia A. Spiegel
Photographed on a black background by Deidre Adams

It’s always a thrill to have artwork juried into an exhibit and even more so when it is Form, Not Function.  Only twenty-seven artworks were chosen for the exhibit to be held at the Carnegie Center for Art & History, New Albany, IN.

The exhibit opens May 11 and runs through July 11.

This is the artwork for which I wrote the essay How to Stick with the Stitching as I handstitched on it for pretty much all of last winter.

SHAGBARK7Dtl600 Shagbark 7 – Detail


03 2015

Three New Artworks – Inspired by the Prairie


Prairie 1
23.5″ x 35″
White cotton fabric, torn and sewn;
painted, cut, stitched, painted, stitched.

I’m so lucky to have the a prairie nature center right across the river from me.  There are mown paths through the tall grass in summer and it’s a place of endless inspiration. Above is #12 from the bluebird house trail.


Prairie 2
23.75″ x 34.5″
White cotton fabric, torn and sewn;
painted, cut, stitched, painted, stitched.

Summer is a riot of color with native wildflowers waving in the wind.


Prairie 3
24″ x34.5″
White cotton fabric, torn and sewn;
painted, cut, stitched, painted, stitched.

As always, I’m thinking not only about a specific scene, but of the emotional response to being out in the wind with the sky arching overhead.  Details of all three artworks here.


03 2015

Three THE 100 Artworks in New Homes!


THE 100, Fiberart For A Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, wrapped up on February 4th after raising $10,380 in just 2.5 hours.  THE 100 invited artists promptly sent out their artwork to THE 100 generous patrons.  Three patrons have generously shared photos of the artwork in their homes:


This is the very colorful and cheerful sewing studio of  patron Laura H. Osbun.  Artist Larkin Van Horn‘s Celebrate! II is the wonderfully embellished small fiber artwork with the purple background.  More info on the artwork here.  All pairings were random, but this one made me very happy as both Laura and Larkin have been FFAC supporters since the very beginning.  Plus Laura loves purple!


Patron Marsha Moody shared this photo of artist Lura Schwarz Smith artwork in an office where it joins many other artworks. Lura’s fiber artwork is instantly recognizable for the fine rendering of a hand.  Again, both artist and patron have been supporters of FFAC for its entire 10-year run.  More info about When All Else Fails is on Lura’s website here.

Artist Terri Stegmiller also has a lovely blog post about her THE 100 artwork that went to a breast cancer researcher.  How wonderful is that?

THE 100′s Pinterest board maintained by Deborah Boschert has more of the artworks as shown before the event.

Thank you to all THE 100 artists and patrons for making the event such a success!


02 2015

New Artwork!


Between 8
Nonwoven fabric, acrylic paint, rayon thread
on stretched canvas.

A new addition this week to the Between series.
Meditations on transitions; inspired by the changing of the seasons.


02 2015