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ToteTuesday 4
Raised $6645

The four ToteTuesdays raised $15,649
for the American Cancer Society

Thank you!

Sincere thanks to the generous sponsors/donors creators of these wonderful totes.

ToteTuesday 1, 2 and 3 raised $9004.

100% is donated directly to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For A Cause.
Fiberart For A Cause has donated more than $205,000 to the ACS since 2005.

NEW for the ToteTuesday Finale:
1. Any patron with a winning bid of $350 or higher on one tote/artwork will receive four wonderful quilting books from FFAC's Honorary Chair, Karey Bresenhan: Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project; I Remember Mama: A Book of Love About Mothers, Daughters and Quilts; Celebrate Great Quilts!; and America From the Heart. Nine generous patrons will receive this bonus.
2. Every patron who wins a tote/artwork with a bid of $1000 or more may choose either one of my famous "never sold, only gifted" fabric bundles (The fabric bundles are hard to explain, but think of origami <kind of> with my own fabrics and specialty fibers wrapped and packaged in a way that makes some recipients say they don’t want to start unwrapping it at all) in the winner's choice of colorway OR one of these artworks OR one collage ($75 or less) from Karen Stiehl Osborn's Mixed Media Gallery.
Lynne Allen did and I am happy to send her one of my collages.
3. If Art Cloth Extravaganza: A Dream Tote raises the most money during ToteTuesday 4, the generous artists of Art Cloth Studios will send the winner an additional $500 or more of art cloth.
It did and they, very generously, will.
4. Peggy Schroder will donate 10% of the winning bid (up to $1000) for the Think Pink tote to the American Cancer Society through Fiberart For a Cause.
The Think Pink tote raised $350 and Peggy contribued another $35 to the ACS.
5. If we raise a total of $15,000 from ToteTuesday, I will hold a drawing among all winning bidders from all the ToteTuesdays. The winner may choose one of these artworks OR one of my fabric bundles (description above).
We did it! The winner is Ann Thompson.

I Felt It!
Sponsored by Carol Myers

Acquired for $350, more than the Go For The Gold bid.

Originally conceived and titled as a nod to Breast Self Exam, this is everything you need to start on the needle felting experience- just add a foam pad to work on. Included is a wide variety of materials to felt with and to felt on. Luscious colors and textured materials combine in an instant stash, guaranteed to lure you into the wonderful world of needle felting.

I am offering this tote in support of Teri Springer, my dear friend, who is on a healing path with breast cancer. I'm sure the Universe slowed down my submission of this tote so that I could offer her this most public support and healing energy.

Tote: Relay For Life
*Twenty-two 9x12" pieces of colored kunin felt
*Six 10x14" pieces of colored wool
*Eight 8x8" pieces of wool in colors
*Hand dyed wool - 14x16"
*Hand dyed felted wool - 12x16"
*Forty colors of roving 6" long
*Various hand dyed roving samples
*Twenty yarn samples-small balls
*Three packages of Angelina fibers
*Two packs of rhapsody ribbon yarn
*Needle felting tool
*One yard Aqua Magic dissolvable stabilizer

Art Cloth Extravaganza: A Dream Tote
Sponsored by Art Cloth Studios
(Laura Ann Beehler, Linda Charlton, Jane Dunnewold, Martha K. Grant, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Lisa Kerpoe)

Lynne Allen donated $1000 to the ACS In Memory of Karen Peck

Tote: Large tote bag with the Art Cloth Studios logo
*Numerous pieces of beautiful, one-of-a-kind art cloth created by members of Art Cloth Studios (including cottons, silk broadcloth, silk organza, silk charmeuse)
*Complex Cloth Workshops DVD by Jane Dunneword
*Frame It! Easy Solutions for Framing and Finishing Art Work DVD by Jane Dunnewold
*500 Art Quilts book
Bag (green, at top of photo) created by Laura Beehler from her beautiful art cloth, made from a pattern by Terry Grant.
*Paper & Metal Leaf Lamination: A Mixed Media Approach with Cloth by Jane Dunnewold, Claire Benn, & Leslie Morgan
*Metal leaf for lamination or foiling
*Chinese Joss paper for lamination
*Succulent Wild Woman: Dancing with Your
Wonder-full Self!
by Sark
*Glass beads
*Procion MX Dye Print Paste
*Soda Ash

*Textile Paint
*Fabric crayons
*Thermofax screens
*Prepared for dyeing cloth, white
Threadwork Unraveled
Sponsored by Sarah Ann Smith

Acquired at the Go For The Gold Bid of $225

Tote: Relay For Life
*Threadwork Unraveled book by Sarah Ann Smith
*Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine, January 2010, with design series article by Sarah
*One-half yard Pink Radiance (cotton/silk blend) hand-dyed fabric
*Blue and green hand-dyed fat quarters
*Multi-colored hand-dyed fabric
*Hand-dyed socks
*Superior Thread - Rainbows in Sarah's favorite color

Sponsored by Peggy Schroder.

Each week the magical HeART tote will open and individual artwork will be offered.
Pink Rose by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Tomme Fent donated $350, more than the Go For The Gold Bid. "In honor of Virginia Spiegel for her dedication and creativity in raising funds through FiberArt For A Cause."

<Thank you, Tomme. I'm blushing. V.>

Art Quilt, 8.5x8.25"
From Susan: I chose the subject, a pink rose, to honor my mother, Eleanor Carter Brubaker, who is a breast cancer survivor. It is a wholecloth painted piece based on a photo I took in my garden. Working from the photo, I drew the rose on white cotton fabric, then painted it with acrylic fabric paint before stitching it. My mom is one of my biggest supporters; we made our first quilt together when I was about ten years old. She used to be a Home Economics teacher, and is a very precise piecer, so I'm sure that trying to teach me drove her nuts!
To the Studio
Sponsored by Peggy Schroder

After a very spirited bidding war, Nora Jones won this tote with a donation of $800 made in remembrance of Raymond and Iva Jones of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Tote: Lest you forget any of the art supplies or resource how-to's you want to carry along: Eleanor Levie has donated an arty-smarty, roomy and multi-pocketed tote with a logo she covered a la Jackson Pollock. It's one of 20 bags featured in her included book, Unforgettable Tote Bags.
*Olfa cutting mat, 2 rotary cutters and ruler donated by Olfa
*Gadget tote filled with notions plus an empty tote to gift to a friend donated by Susan Eickermann and the St. Raffel Church women.
*Secrets of Digital Quilting: From Camera to Quilt donated by Lura Schwarz Smith & Kerby C. Smith
This book is hot off the press!!
*Art Quilt Workbook book by Elin Waterston and Jane Davila
*Art Quilts at Play book donated by Elin Waterston and Jane Davila

* Art quilt (above) donated by Beth Wheeler
11x8.5" A photograph and clip art printed on rust-dyed fabric. The colors are are watercolor paints I made using Earth Safe Finishes Colorants in matte, pearl, and metallic finishes that are permanent on fabric. Created in honor of Beth's art history professor from college who is fighting leukemia.

*Hand-dyed fabric, yarn, lace, trim, beads, thread and ribbon by Gail Myrhorodsky of Gailforces Fabrics
* Three Quilt Tiles to decorate your studio by Libby Fife
*Fast and Free DVDs, Volume 0.5 and Volume 2 by Patsy Thompson
*Faces in Fabric DVD by Lura Schwarz Smith. *Jane Davila & Elin Waterston Teach You Art Quilting Basics DVD by Elin Waterston and Jane Davila
*Two large bags of trims
*Patterns donated by McKenna Ryan/Pine Needles Designs
*Fiber bookmarks donated by Susan Slesinger
*Ten Spools Aurifil Thread donated by Donna Morales-Oemig
*Discount Certificate donated by Nancy's Notions
*One yard hand-dyed fabric donated by Sheryl Buchler

Sponsored by Peggy Schroder

Acquired for a $300 donation, more than the Go For The Gold bid.

If you have fallen in love with Kathleen Murphy's gorgeous tote with Swarovski crystals as I have, perhaps you would like to make your own bag. I have made it easy for you with lots of sparkly embellishments included in this tote. And for the finishing touch, just add one of Karey B's special hearts!

Tote: Yellow Paisley Murphy Bag created by Kathleen Murphy:
From Kathleen: I machine quilted it and added Swarovski crystals and a striped welt for embellishment. It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it messenger style or over the shoulder. I make my bags with the user in mind. I want it to be functional and cool. I make each bag combining my favorite fabrics. They are all one-of-a-kind ~ like a piece of art. There are usually 8 pockets in every bag. My bags are light-weight, have comfortable handles and they are machine washable/air dry. Enjoy!
Bottom width 4.5", Height 10", Width 13": adjustable handle with pink Lucite buckle!
From Betty Blais of Embellishment Village:

*Metallic Angelina Jelly Bean pack (1/10th ounce of 15 colors).
*Foiling Glue Pen
*Bottle of Foiling Glue
*Ultra-Fine Glitter Tower with nine colors
*Foil Sampler
*Two 6" stencils
From Cathy Winter:
Felted soaps wrapped in glittery fabric
Collection of glitterati hearts donated by
Karey Bresenhan:
*Patriotic heart lapel pin
*Pair of enamel hearts-in-hands beads
*Fleur d'Lys heart pin - sterling silver
*Three Austrian heart buttons
*Heart shape pearl beads plus more heart shaped buttons and beads
*Red/gold heart shaped pin signed by artist *Sterling with heart inlay earrings--signed by artist

Kiss Me: I'm Irish (and a Prince!)
Sponsored by Katherine McNeese

Karen Lachance donated $175 In Honor of Cancer Survivor Debbie Lachance, a positive role model to her daughters, daughters-in-law and granddaughters.

A custom sketchbook/journal, socks to keep your feet warm, inspirational Skydyes fabric and something to keep it in. Green is the theme!

Tote: Custom made by Katherine with a nod to a certain holiday coming in March.
*Custom Journal created by Katherine McNeese . Canson Field Sketchbook and lined composition book with a quilted cover from dyed and rusted fabrics
*Three yards (plus additional pieces) Mickey Lawler Skydyes fabric
*0.8 Pigma pen
*Pentel pen
Hand-dyed socks
*Green Tea
Bali Pop. Bali Pops are a collection of 40 different 2.5" x 44" strips of batik fabric from Hoffman Fabrics. A Bali Pop is basically a batik fabric version of a jelly roll.
*Green bead assortment
*Silk play pack with silk roving, fiber, ribbons, cocoons and carrier rods
Knitting Socks
Sponsored by Lynn Krawczyk

Won by Susan Slesinger for a donation of $75 in memory of Albert Slesinger who battled several types of cancer.

Knitting has, on more than one occasion, helped me to refocus and relax during stressful times. It’s a fiber art that has been around for centuries, with the earliest knitted object dating back to the 14th century. Knowing that so many others have gone before me with this art form adds to my growing affection toward it. Two areas that I have especially grown to love are knitting socks and knitting toys. There is nothing cozier than a pair of hand kintted socks in your favorite colors or a unique hand knitted toy full of personality. I’m please to offer this tote in support of Fiberart For A Cause and the American Cancer Society and I hope that they bring you many moments of happiness too!

Tote: Handstitched felt yarn bucket from MixedBagDesigns
Sensational Knitted Socks book
*Hand-dyed sock yarn donated by BlueMoon FiberArts in lightweight Socks That Rock, Jabberwocky colorway
*Hand knit mini-sock by Lynn Krawczyk

Altered Cloth - Discharged Tote
Sponsored by Sue Kelly

Acquired for a donation of $250

Tote: Quilted, lined tote bag made by Sue Kelly. The bag is made with 100% cotton fabrics. The outer fabric was discharged by Sue Kelly and then pieced to make this tote. It is quilted with metallic threads.

*Six pack of irridescent Paintstiks
*Paintstiks on Fabric book by Shelley Stokes
*Two fat eighths and one fat quarter of discharged fabric using different resists including potato dextrin and instant mashed potatoes. Fabrics discharged by Sue Kelly.
Celebrate Life!
Sponsored by Marti Lew
Artwork created by cancer survivors and their friends from the Quiltart list will be featured from this tote each week.
Celebrate Spring by Roberta Chalfy Miller

An anonymous patron donated $65 in honor of all those affected by cancer.

Art Quilt, 12x12"
From Roberta:
Raw-edge applique and free-motion quilted piece made with commercial cottons as well as my own hand-painted cottons, canvas, and sheers/ Embellished with transferred text (also my own) and a paillette. The text reads:

a heart opens
raindrops on tin roof

The Wonderful World of Quilts #2
Sponsored by Karey Bresenhan
(Director of International Quilt Festival
and President of Quilts, Inc.)
and the International Quilt Festival team

Del Thomas donated $600 for this tote.

Donated in memory of Festival staff member Sheri Fuller who would tell you that ovarian cancer is sneaky--insist on an ultrasound!

Tote: Vintage coral French market basket
From Karey: You could go around the world and collect these could just collect this international tote! A vintage coral French market basket, it's capacious, easy to carry, eye-catching; I found in St. Paul de Vence down in Provence. For fun, read Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence" tucked in the tote or take an imaginary trip to the City of Light with "Paris Walks".

Talented German artist Irene Kahmann donated "Coral Reef," (shown above) a wonderful blue and white small quilt (14 x14 inches) in hand-dyed silk and hand-marbled cotton, featuring her trademark spirals. Pamela Allen's mysterious eyes of all kinds represent Canada, the hand-dyed cottons donated by Australian Lisa Walton are enticing, and two beautiful silk scarves--one from Italy and one from Sweden--are waiting to tempt you...cut them up or fling them around your neck and look worldly? Also included here is Hungarian felt embroidery, precise Japanese quilted fabrics, reproduction Dutch cottons, Spanish cottons, six pieces of marbled and printed fabrics Linda Colsh has collected while living in Belgium, two pieces of reproduction Toile de Jouy, an array of Norwegian cottons in different colorways, Thai silks, Liberty of London samples, and German cottons.

To further tempt you is a tiny vial of French perfume, a wonderful artist-made sterling inlaid earring (only one--Karey says if she ever finds the mate, she'll send it too!), Austrian bone heart buttons, a special little Paris pin tray to collect all your own wonderful odds and ends, and a great long, tall, skinny notebook based on those of Marcel Proust. Make your own tote with Unforgettable Tote Bags by Eleanor Levie, and if you find the fallen angel in "French Country", Karey will send you something special!

Color Me Bright
Sponsored by Marilyn H. Wall and
Judith Heyward

Barb Van Dusen donated $250 to the ACS. "My donation is in honor of my Grandmother, who died of colon cancer, my oldest brother, who died of bone cancer, my oldest sister, who is a uterine cancer survivor, my three best friends, and two very dear friends, who died of various versions. May all the donations you've encouraged be used to find the elusive cure. And may my sister and I live long enough to see it."

This tote is designed for those fiber artists who love bright colors. Yards and yards of hand-dyed ribbon and trim, as well as hand-dyed fabric to inspire your creative spirit. Plus, see below, a special padfolio by Beth Wheeler.

Tote: Relay For Life
*70 (yes, seventy) yards of hand-dyed ribbon and trim
*A Taste of the Low Country pattern by Judith Heyward
* Natural Fibers pattern by Judith Heyward
*Note Cards by Judith Heyward
*Altered Photo Artistry book by Beth Wheeler
*One box of (24) chalk pastels
Hand-dyed fabric in sizes as follows:
19” x 20
Six fat quarters

Donated by Beth Wheeler:
Padfolio. Rust-dyed fabric.

From Beth: The image is from my new series "Whispers on the Wind," about childhood memories, in memory of my mom who died May 2009. They all combine photographs and illustrations printed on rust-dyed fabric. The closure is a drilled beach stone and the gold paint on the fairy and ancient-language print (Tamil, from India) is a metallic watercolor paint I MADE using Earth Safe Finishes Colorant, Fabric Magic, and metallic powder. I've been experimenting with the recipe to make your own watercolor paint (matte, pearl, and metallic) for paper and fabric. It's AWESOME and I'm having a grand time using them in this series.

Fancy Ladies
Sponsored by Karey Bresenhan
(Director of International Quilt Festival
and President of Quilts, Inc.)
and the International Quilt Festival team

Acquired for a donation of $350, more than the Go For The Gold

Donated in memory of Nancy Jones Holliman whom we lost to inflammatory breast cancer in 2002. Get your mammograms, ladies!

Tote: This is an embellisher's dream tote. A rosy creation by Judy Murrah, Festival's Vice-president of Education and author of many books on special garments, like Jacket Jazz. It's as lush on the back as it is on the front--a treat to carry and accept compliments on!

From Karey:
Inside Judy's tote you will find one of Canadian artist Pamela Allen's small, mounted creations--this one a Fancy Lady herself, playing the violin with a tasseled beret while tiny golden notes of music drifting down the front of her hand-stitched coat (shown above). Two other fancy ladies are included--small quilted wall pieces with sassy women in bright colors.

In addition, there are handmade vintage lace, 30's ribbon embroidery on ecru mesh, lush black feathers and a Peacock feather, vintage ribbons and trims, a beautiful ombred velvet ribbon, vintage silk flowers from the Paris flea market, samples of fabulous fancy fabrics, filet crochet and other vintage lace yardage, two artist-made resin beads of hands and one hand pin, a bracelet of pale chartreuse beads to wear or take apart, pieces of brilliantly colored silk dupioni from India, and a hand-painted French silk pocket circle to wear for an elegant look or to cut up and use in a new creation all your own.

And because fancy ladies often fancy purple, there's a special packet of purple fabrics, a royal purple bag, a pair of hand-dyed green and purple cotton socks, some lavender variegated crochet trim, and a gorgeously gaudy, regal crown brooch to wear or use as embellishment.

Books galore--a wonderful small book on John Singer Sergeant's paintings of real life Fancy Ladies, an issue of "
Artella,With Thanks & Appreciation", "Fabulous Fabric Embellishment", and a beautiful hardbound journal with a Smithsonian Crazy Quilt on the cover.

Special beads and vintage buttons, a vivid red beaded cell phone bag, and the most colorful, delightful pair of hand-knit socks I've ever seen complete this the perfect ending--butterfly tattoos to get you in your own Fancy Lady mood!

Think Pink!
Sponsored by Sandra Baker
and Peggy Schroder

Kathy Luken donated $350, more than the Go For The Gold Bid. She did so, "In Memory of my Mom who died in September 2009.

This is a very special and meaningful tote.  It is a salute to breast cancer survivors. There are some very special donations from our Honorary Chairperson Karey Bresenhan. Peggy will add some last minute (unadvertised) surprises before sending this tote to its lucky winner AND has also pledged to donate 10% of the final purchase price (up to $1000) of this tote to ACS.

Special Note: All proceeds from the sale of the book Artful Bras: Hooters, Melons, and Boobs, Oh, My! by the Quilters of South Carolina are donated to assist women who are without insurance or are underinsured and have been diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer and undergoing treatment.

Tote: Created by Peggy Schroder.  Fabric is from Rowan Fabrics 'Daisy Chain' by Amy Butler.  Pattern is Kathy Mack’s Winslow Market tote as published in the International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene magazine.
Donated by Karey Bresenhan:
*Gorgeous Silk Scarf, Limited Edition, designed by Chloe Dao - 2nd season winner of Project Runway reality show donated by Karey Bresenhan
*I Remember Mama book, autographed copy.
*Think Pink pin
*Think Pink writing pen

*Artful Bras: Hooters, Melons, and Boobs, Oh, My! book by the Quilters of South Carolina donated by Sandra Baker
*In The Pink original fiber postcard donated by Nancy Hinds
*Scissors donated by Liz Florom
*Handmade large wrist pin cushion donated by Dee Doebler
*Pink hand knit leg warmers donated by JoAnn Amidon
*$25 discount coupon from C&T Publishing

*Three spools pink Aurifil thread donated by Donna Morales-Oemig

Fabric to Dye For
Sponsored by Frieda Anderson

A donation of $145 was made to the ACS for this tote.

Tote: Relay For Life
Fabric to Dye For book by Frieda Anderson
*Petite Sunflower Pattern
*Petite Sunflower Fabric Kit with 1.5 yard of hand- dyed fabric to make Sun Flower wall quilt
*One yard of blackened multi-dyed gradation. (Multi gradation dyed fabric that has black added to deepen the colors)
*Fun, Fast, Fusies by Frieda

Mixed-Media/Bookmaking Tote
Sponsored by Katherine McNeese

Julia Rosekrans aquired this tote for a Go For The Gold donation to the ACS of $360

Katherine has gathered together all things Joggles; their motto is We are all about creating and creativity, all the time.

Tote: Joggles' tote bag

*The Artist's Muse: Unlock The Door To Your Creativity book + card kit by Betsy Dillard Stroud
*7 Gypsies Binderie Punch and charger
*Two 2-way books
*Purse kit
*ZigZag book kit
*6x6" ring book
*8x8" blank board book, black
8x8 blank board kit, white
*Index book
*Wire album
*Gaffer tape pak
*Rubber stamp sentiments
*Rubbings, labels, tags, charms and more!
Surface Design Essentials
Sponsored by Jane Davila

Gerrie Congdon donated $250 to acquire this tote, more than the Go For The Gold Bid. "In honor of all my sister breast cancer survivors, especially Teri Springer who was just diagnosed."

Tote: Relay For Life
*Surface Design Essentials book by Jane Davila
*Five bottles of Liquitex soft-body acrylic paint
*Three bottles of Liquitex acrylic ink
*One bottle of Liquitex iridescent medium
*One bottle of Liquitex matte medium
*One bottle of Liquitex fabric medium
*Six Derwent Inktense water-soluble ink pencils
*A small piece of original art

Journey By Water
Sponsored by Laura Osbun
and Virginia A. Spiegel

Acquired after a spirited bidding war for a donation of $750 by an anonymous donor in memory of her dad who lost his hard fought battle with prostrate cancer.
Tote: Created by Laura Osbun. The tote bag is made from approximately 40 to 50 different batik fabrics that were cut into wavy shapes, then overlapped and fused onto a foundation fabric. The wavy stitching mimics the shapes, serving to secure and embellish at the same time. It was further embellished with multi-colored rayon/cotton seed yarn, machine couched, and copper-colored flat sequins stitched on by hand. The lining has three deep pockets, a zippered pocket on one side and two open pockets on the other. It has a "false bottom" that is made from a piece of 1/4" thick board wrapped in batting and encased in a fabric sleeve. 4" deep, 12.5" wide and 14" high.
*Small legal pad with custom cover. Three refills included.
*Mini comp book with custom cover.
*Wild at the Edges: Inspiration from a Creative Life book by Virginia A. Spiegel
*A fabric bundle (never sold, only gifted) of fabrics created by Virginia A. Spiegel. A mini-bundle is shown above, but I have upgraded it to a full-blown bundle for the Gold Medal Round: