Leandra Spangler

Cricket in the Thorn Tree
8.25" h x 10.25" w
Detail photo below
Donated in honor of Gloria Page.

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Collage. Removable book is held secure with appliqued "thorns" of fabric and
copper wire; mounted with rings for hanging.

Vintage fabric, fusible webbing, handmade paper, paste paper, card stock,
Sharpie, copper wire, sewing thread, museum board, brass rings, waxed linen.  

Book:  Original drawing on artist-made paper of abaca, okra and day lily mounted on folio of vintage fabric and paste paper.

text reads:  

One radio station faded into another as I drove. The back of my mind was sketching - creating image from word.  I had dedicated this five hour New Year’s Day return from visiting grand babies to imagine possibilities - concepts, images, themes, for the mixed media quilt I would soon be making for the Fiberart for a Cause Reverse Auction.  Cricket in the Thorn Tree ... what was the announcer saying?  Something ... died peacefully at age 91 ... liberal ... something... antiapartheid.  Images forming:  squeaky wheel ... against all odds ... rolling a boulder up a hill ... spitting into the wind ... dark spikes on toffee ground ... constant reminder of conscience ... Helen Suzman died January 1, 2009 in Johannesburg.  For 13 years - from 1961 to 1974 - she was the sole representative in Parliament of the liberal Progressive Party, forerunner of the Democratic Party.  During her parliamentary career she was hailed as apartheid's most effective parliamentary critic and a thorn in the flesh of the NP government.  This earned her the accolade "cricket in the thorn tree". This quilt honors Helen Suzman and others of strong conviction who fight for their beliefs.

Leandra Spangler has been interested in art as long as she can remember.  As
a young girl she spent hours drawing teddy bears and trains and later spent
much of her “homework” time drawing on her desk.  

Her career choice lead her to art education where she taught art in the Columbia Public Schools at West Junior High School.  Her passion for papermaking
began in 1986 when she first plunged her hands in a vat of pulp during a
workshop for teachers.  In the subsequent years, Leandra explored numerous
ways of making and using paper (handmade and found) as a medium in her |
creative artistic expressions.  

Her interest in papermaking evolved to include making books by hand, basketry,
collage, creating decorative papers and surface design treatments on fabrics.
She calls herself a fiber artist, understanding that her enthusiasm for exploring
the many aspects of fiber will lead her in different directions, but she feels she
will always return to making paper.
After twenty-five years of teaching art in the public schools, Leandra became a
full-time studio artist in June, 2000.  She goes to her studio every day.  The
twined reed vessels she weaves are covered with handmade paper she makes
rom cotton linter.  Her vessels are shown across the country invitational and
uried exhibitions.  In addition to the vessels, she makes lamps with handmade
paper shades, and paper bowls for the table or wall, journals and cards.
Leandra teaches workshops in her studio space.  
She is a member of Surface Design Association, National Basketry
Organization, Friends of Fiber Art International, Missouri Fiber Artists, Best of
Missouri Hands and the Columbia Weavers and Spinners Guild.  She lives in
the house she grew up in near the Bear Creek, in Columbia, Missouri.

Cricket in the Thorn Tree
Book Open

Cricket in the Thorn Tree
Book Removed

Cricket in the Thorn Tree
Book Detail