Tuesday, April 15 – 2008


Who can resist shiny, shiny stuff? Seriously, I think this is another one of those items that may or may not be actually acceptable for our curbside recycling. Wax paper is definitely not. So many things that aren’t acceptable for curbside recycling are acceptable at the prairie reserve recycling center. You have to call to receive a list of acceptable items for curbside recycling from our garbage company – that’s crazy!

It’s time to check up on Winter Trellis, my very first garbage art project for The Garbage Day Project.
Winter Trellis (April 2008)

It’s not in too bad of shape considering it has been outside since November 7, 2007. To see what Winter Trellis looked like when it was new and to read about the making of Winter Trellis, please click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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