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1 Day - 100 Artists - 100 Patrons - $10,000
We Did It!

We raised $10,380 in just 2.5 hours.


Generous fiber artists and patrons have now donated over one-quarter of a million dollars to the American Cancer through Fiberart For A Cause.

Special Thanks to:
Our 100 invited artists for creating and donating such beautiful artwork as well as promoting the event, the generous 100 patrons, all of our FFAC friends and supporters, Karen Stiehl Osborn for her hard work behind-the-scenes, Deborah Boschert for creating and maintaining our Pinterest board, and Jeanelle McCall for designing this and every other FFAC logo.

See our Pinterest board for photos of many of the artworks
going to our 100 Patrons as thank-you gifts.

Carol Larson
Susan Lenz
Eleanor Levie
Susan Purney Mark
Jeanelle McCall
Judy Momenzadeh
Susie Monday
Carol Moore
Gail Myrhorodsky
Fannie Narte

Kathy Nida
Karen Stiehl Osborn
Frieda Oxenham
The Pixeladies - Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki
Valarie Poitier
Yvonne Porcella
Cate Coulacos Prato
Daren Pitts Redman
Wen Redmond
Sue Reno

Lesley Riley
Karen Rips
Lora Rocke
Kristin Rodriquez-Girod and Janelle Girod
Beth Schillig
Norma Schlager
Susan Friedman Schrott
Sandra Sider
Cheryl Sleboda
Carol Sloan

Lura Schwarz Smith
Mary Ruth Smith
Kay Sorensen
Sherrie Spangler
Virginia A. Spiegel
Cynthia St. Charles
Terri Stegmiller
Melanie Testa
Jeanette Thompson
K. Velis Turan

Larkin Jean Van Horn
Mary Ann Van Soest
Gordana Vukovic
Terry Waldron
Judy Warner
Laura Wasilowski
Vicki Welsh
Leni Levenson Wiener
Kathy York
Vivien Zepf

Judy Gula and Eleanor of MeinkeToy:
Our Safety Nets
in case of unforseen circumstances.