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Whether new to collecting or someone who already knows the joys of connecting with artists through their artwork, you want to know all the details about the artwork you may be considering for your collection. But you probably also want to know how it will be shipped, how best to care for it, etc. If your question isn't answered here, please contact me.

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Adding Artwork To Your Collection


If you are contemplating adding an artwork to your collection, please inquire about high resolution photos. I would be happy for you to see my artwork in greater detail than is possible on the web. My photographer is Deidre Adams.

Your satisfaction with my artwork is guaranteed. If a fiber artwork requires a hanging slat, I will provide it.

If you are not totally satisfied, return the artwork within one week of receipt for a full refund minus shipping.

PayPal or credit card through PayPal are accepted. Installment plans for payment can be arranged for qualified collectors.

Free shipping up to $25 U.S.

Collectors' Comments

Virginia is an amazing artist and we have purchased at least four works of art from her for our business offices. You will love her art too.

What a great treat the work is. It's very special to have them -- they are up in our living room to really enjoy them. The depth and richness of both, so different, yet both so compelling, is very special and we are very very happy to add them to our collection.

It is so gorgeous. I am so thrilled! I am going to hang it over the center window in the breakfast room on that "sky" wallpaper. That's right across from where I usually sit, so I will have a great view of it every time. The colors pull in all the greens and blues from outside--I really just can't tell you how beautiful it is! And yes, extremely peaceful, serene, and calming.

I am very happy to add your piece to my collection. I had fallen in love with it awhile back already after seeing it on your blog. There is a content, joyful and peaceful aura to it that is infectious.

It's beautiful, as I knew it would be (love at first sight).  There's something in the colors and patterns that stirs my soul, something basic and elemental that re-connects me with nature.

A Q&A with Collector Irene M. Peake on my blog.

Caring for Artwork

Fiber or mixed-media artwork is, in general, no different than caring for a painting or other artwork:

Hang all artwork away from exposure to direct or reflecting sunlight and strong, constant indoor (especially fluorescent) lighting.

Avoid exposing artwork to high temperatures, high humidity, or smoke.

If you need to store a fiber artwork, wrap it in 100% cotton fabric that has been washed, in acid-free tissue paper, and/or in an acid-free box. Do not place your textile artwork directly against wood for long-term storage as the oils in the wood or wood finish can transfer to the textile artwork.